Refectory of the Monastery of Alcobaça Virtual Tour

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Refectory of the monastery of Alcobaça
Refectory of the monastery of Alcobaça. (Photography and virtual tour by Jean-Pierre Lavoie)
Click on the image to discover this UNESCO World Heritage Site in this interactive virtual tour.

Now I’m taking you to another room of the Alcobaça Monastery in Portugal after having explored several other rooms in the previous posts. This is the refectory where the monks had their meals. I felt alone in that large and empty room while shooting this panorama, because there are obviously no tables, no chairs, no monks praying, eating or drinking wine. But I can imagine how this place could have been full of life in the past with actual living persons in there.

Don’t miss the interactive virtual tour by clicking here or on the image to feel the place as if you were there. Little planet projections are distorting perspective a lot and give an artistic look at a scene, where you can’t easily recognize the true aspect of the room, so the virtual tour completes your experience.

By the way, if anyone of you know what are the purpose of the small curved arches openings in the walls, let me know in the comments of this post because I don’t know at this time what they actually are.

Refectory of the monastery of Alcobaça
Also, make sure to click here or on the small thumbnail image for a higher resolution image of the little planet or stereographic projection of the 360 degrees panorama.