Oh non, mon fils sera un ingénieur!

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Mon beau-frère m’a envoyé un cartoon hilarant de Dilbert: the Knack.
L’histoire est qu’une mère apprend que son fiston, Dilbert, est atteint d’une maladie rare. Voici le dialogue, puis le vidéo:

Mother: I’m worried about little Dilbert. He’s not like other kids.
Doctor: What do you mean?
Mother: Yesterday, I left him alone for a minute and he dissassembled the TV, our clock and the stereo.
Doctor: That’s perfectly normal. Kids take things apart.
Mother: The part that worries me is he used the components to buil an amateur radio set.
Doctor: Oh dear!
Mother: Is that bad?
Doctor: Normally, I would want to run an EEG on him, but the machine isn’t working.

Pendant ce temps-là le petit va jouer avec la machine d’électro-encéphalogramme du doc et la fait marcher. Le docteur l’observe.

Doctor: It’s worse than I feared.
Mother: What is it?
Doctor: I’m afraid your son has the “Knack”.
Mother: The “Knack”?
Doctor: The Knack. It’s a rare condition characterized by an extreme intuition about all things mechanical and electrical and other social ineptitudes…
Mother: Can he lead a normal life?
Doctor: No. He’ll be an engineer.

La mère éclate en sanglots pendant que le doc essaie de la consoler en vain… Le petit est atteint d’un mal incurable.

Voici le vidéo:

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