Montreal Canadiens Hockey Team and Fans

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Click on images in this post for 360 degrees interactive virtual tours (Photography: Jean-Pierre Lavoie)

I live in Montreal, the city of the legendary hockey team of the Montreal Canadiens. Hockey is in montrealer’s blood since 100 years and we have a team to match our ambition. The Montreal Canadiens have hoisted the Stanley Cup on 24 occasions, more than any other team in NHL (National Hockey League) history. You may also know that supporters of the Montreal Canadiens are loud, proud and very loyal to their team. Since a few years the hockey fever is even stronger than before. We see more people hanging out in the streets with Habs T-shirts and Habs flags on cars (we call Habs the Canadiens fans) . Montreal is literally living an hockey frenzy, the talk of town at the end of the hockey season when the NHL playoffs are taking place in North America. There are tailgate parties outside the Bell Centre before the games. Fans that cannot go to actual games meet in bars and restaurant all over town to watch their team play.

Click on image for virtual tour: Montreal Canadiens Tailgate Party.

Click on image for virtual tour: Montreal Canadiens Playoff Game at Serge's Bar.

On the down side some riots occurred over the years after major Canadien’s victories during playoffs. Cars were burned and businesses vandalized in a long history of hockey-related hooliganism. But let’s not get carried away with bad news here and let’s focus on the glory of the Canadiens and the joy of their fans!

I did a few virtual tours around the Montreal Canadiens theme in the past years for some local medias and newspapers. One tour is showing a Montreal Canadiens team practice at the Bell Centre, some show fans at tailgate parties and cheering during games in bar. Click on the images to launch 360 degrees panoramic tours of these events. Go Habs, Go! Here are some virtual tours:

Click on image for virtual tour: Montreal Canadiens Fans at the Bell Centre.

Click on image for virtual tour: Practice of the Montreal Canadiens at Bell Centre.

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